Plastic and philosophic affinities that concur to understand life and the Universe


I gather from art history, the plastic elements, the influences, tht allows me to creat my own language. Dadaism is one of them. But inlike it, there is, in my work, a niilistic perspective. I am not a revolutionary, I am not a reformer, I am not neutral. I embrace the cause but free of flying, in my own terms.

Mondrian, another of my influences, afirmes in is time, that abstraction is plástic modernety and, althoug I too use color in a similar way, its time that "shapes" it. Imponderability, chance, "models" color and texture. Color leaves the plane and projects trough the spectator. Objectes that magicaly became 3D, losen, liberate trhemselfs from the plane. they emencipate.

Schwiters guives me the "objet trouvé" and the pulsion to assemble them toguether. The ideia that "nobility" its not in the materials you use to make a artistical object but in the spirit of the artist.

Marcel Duchamp hangs over me. He's my master, and has the power of ubiquity over my work. He was a revolutionary and I want to be his discyplus. He dessacrilized the artistic object, questioning and traping the art system. He stabed the Staus Quo that stil bleeds today.

I do not stand for a non retinian art like he did. Instead I folow in this particular, Malevitch. My art comes  deep inside from my guts. Its instinctive, emotional.

What I doo, is to assemble objects, in a way of fusioning old tendencies.

Objects that look for originality in composition. That search plastic formal coherence. What I look I find in other peoples waste. My pallet its the city space, were I find lost rejected objects that I assemble and armonize. Time, imponderability and chance, these laws that roules the universe, mixes colours and chape textures.

I declare – Duchamp its imortal, emotion creates the Universe. 


My work is designated by numbers. It's all part of a global project called:

"Mondrian relaxtedly talking with Schwiters and Malevitch, with the beneplacit look of Marcel Duchamp"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Rib, 2004